About us

Who We Are?

FM Mast 103, launched on 2004, is one of the largest and most popular radio stations in Pakistan with a blend of Infotainment with Music, Religious, Food and Health shows and a Regular News Bulletin.

We have a team of energetic, talented and popular RJ’s who bring entertaining and engaging content for listeners, fusing the Best of Entertainment with information.

We deliver best quality radio broadcast and offer our listeners exciting music and unique mix of programs. With a great mix of music, We have something for everyone in that it caters to local and global tastes alike.

Apart from the radio broadcasting, we provide an opportunity to our listeners to actively participate and engage with their favorite RJ’s through SMS, IVR and multiple social media platforms as well.

We also have users from across the globe listen to live streaming of FM 103 through mobile apps available on both Play and I Store.

We, Mann Ka Radio, endeavor to make a permanent and unparalleled position in your Heart, while bringing excitement and information just for You.

Chairman's Message

Customer Satisfaction in our modern days has become one of the most important factors that creates a bond which helps in reciprocal prosperity for both the company and clients.

During our journey as service providers, we realized that measuring up to high international standards, and undertaking the best business practices was the optimum way to grow in an emerging market like Pakistan.

Conversely, Pakistan had an unexplored media segment at one hand and relevant qualified manpower on the other hand; thus, in 2002 Mast FM 103 Radio Stations were established in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad (four largest cities of Pakistan). Today we reach about 40% of total population of Pakistan with 14 Radio Stations working throughout the country.

Based on the principles we have adopted, and on the support and appreciation we have received so far, we are full of confidence that our organization will continue to develop and grow, enabling us to achieve our national professional aspirations.