Aisha Malik


Chirpy & crispy, live & loud, hotty & naughty Aisha Malik is one of the charming voices of Mast Fm 103. She is also a voice over and dubbing artist. Radio is her passion and that’s why she did her specialization in electronic media and has chosen radio to be her profession. She has been working with Radio since April 2007. She was nominated in 2011 as best female RJ all over Pakistan in “Pakistan media awards”. She explored herself such a way that today she is one of the most versatile and well known RJ’s of Mast Fm 103. She has lovely vocals, amazing attitude, and amusing sense of humor. She is not only a good entertaining RJ but also discusses the sensitive issues of society. She also strongly encourage the youth to be able to face the realities of life. The aim isn’t just to entertain the listeners but to enlighten them and make them speak and get them involved in the show through feedback. Her charming and naughty style makes her different from other presenters.

Date of Birth: 15th October

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Rjing Style: Crispy, Naughty and Ek Dam Karak

Hobbies: Radio broadcasting, fashion designing, home decor, listening music, travelling, internet surfing, shopping and adventurous stuff

Music Taste: All genre of music

Favorite Songs: Loooooooong list

Favorite Movies: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Jub We Met and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Favorite Actor/Actress: Salman khan/Madhuri Dixit

Favorite Book: Quran e Pak

Fashion Sense: Trouser and T-Shirt (Casual) and Shalwar Kameez (Formal)

Mast Funda: Live and let live

Show Time & Names:

Sunday – Sunday Jumbojet – 8am to 10am (Researches and studies)

Monday – Ek Dam Karak – 12pm to 02pm (The Gossips Version)

Tuesday – Ek Dam Karak – 12pm to 02pm (Amazing News)

Wednesday – Ek Dam Karak – 12pm to 02pm (The Classy Version)

Show Format:

Her shows consists of celebs gossips, researches, amazing news, fashion updates, general knowledge, traffic updates, light topic, feedback and every genre of music upon requests/moods and much more. In short “everything for everyone”.

I Love: Myself and those who love me

I Hate: Hypocrites


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