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Hasni Naveed Ajab Afridi, Popularly known as Hasni Naveed Afridi (The Midnight Traveler) presents spectacular entertainment through marvelous shows. He magnetize the listener by his mesmerizing voice

In the initial days of broadcasting, radio performers were usually known, and were addressed merely as ‘announcers.’ These announcers would communicate with the listeners from the written scripts or messages. But with the advent of FM Radio, the artist behind the mic enjoyed additional credibility & status.

The new concept demanded presence of a complete personality behind the mic. And that is why the term ‘Radio Personality’ is now commonly used, instead of ‘Radio Announcer.’ This Radio Personality prefers to be himself at all times…A person with his own style, sense of humor and delightful ‘substances’ to deliver… Fortunately, one such FM Radio personality that reigns the air waves of FM Radio in Pakistan is Hasni Naveed Afridi… Not very many Radio presenters could catch the pace of success & popularity that Hasni followed and finally achieved the status of an ideal FM Radio Personality, ever since he started in 2005.

Hasni has got what it takes to be a good Radio Personality. He is welcomed by the listeners because of his beautiful, poetic style. He’s got a romantic voice that does magic to mesmerize his fans. Generally, he is highly appreciated by listeners of all age groups for his courteous and admirable discussions on any topic and also his down to earth & loving style.

Hasni is man of character, be it on-air or off-air. He is modest, humble, generous, concerned, and gentle in behavior, affectionate in conduct, courteous and a person with high values of morality and ethics.

He displays his versatile performance effectively in various types of shows, mentioned below:

THE MIDNIGHT JOURNEY WITH A MIDNIGHT TRAVELER: In this show, as a Midnight Traveler, Hasni proves his excellence with his touching performance and multi-linguistic approach. As per the theme of the show, he travels around to know about common people and their problems. It’s a remarkable show where Hasni, as the Midnight Traveler, explores night life extending it to an extra ordinary and unprecedented adventure.


Besides all the above mentioned achievements Hasni stands tall in yet another venture that wins laurels for him….and that is his heart-winning, soul touching and most inspirational performance in his popular show titled: Love Connection. This show provides an opportunity to the grief-stricken and dejected people to share their grievances…and for the happy people to extend their gratitude to the ones who have been the best help or inspiration in their lives…and yes, Hasni is always there to enable the Love Connections to flourish.

Program Timings:

The Gathering with Hasni Monday 2am-4am
Love Connection : Tuesday 2am-4am



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