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Mohsin Nawaz “Masters in Urdu & Sociology” is one of the most celebrated Rjs. He has been working in radio for 10 years…

Although his voice was already hugged with the air through different channels but he started his regular and trend setter show on Mast FM 103 from first May 2004 in the budding period of the channel.Apart from Radio,he is shining on various skys as he is the Chairman of “Voice Society”, Director PR “Willing Ways” and a Motivational Speaker .He is also working for the development of special persons .In his upcoming Weekly TV Show he is also going to touch social issues including Special People’s problems .His physical challenges could not block his flight towards success .Youngsters borrow urge to live from him.As a personality development trainer he has been conducting motivational sessions on different occasions .In 2007 he was invited by National Cricket Academy to give motivational session to under 19 National Cricket Team .Mast FM 103 presents Mohsin Nawaz’s Weekly show on Sundays at 12 noon to 2 pm titled “Getting In Touch” This multy coloured show sells new paradigms of life and modern vogues and Listeners rush to buy them eagerly.Talk with Distinguished Achievers ,energetic involvement of callers and serene mix melodious music decorate the show.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Rjing Ishtyle: Colloquial style

Hobbies: Listening audio books ,Exploring new fields of practice, Listening music and national & international radio channels.

Favourite Music Artists: Shreya Ghoshal ,Sonu Nigam , Rahat Ali Khan ,Kailash Kher,Rafi , Nayyara Noor,Shazia Manzoor,Manna Dey

Favourite Songs: Tu milay dil khilay, Tera deedar hua ,I love you more than I can say

Favourite Movies: He’s Just Not That Into You, 3 Idiots, Dil Ek Mandir , Khuda Kay liye

Favourite Actors/Actresses: Juggan Kazim , Aamir Khan ,Jana Malik , Kajal , Dalip Kumar, Waheed Murad

Favourite Books: Life Strategies by Phillip C. Mcgraw, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey,Kiran Kiran Sooraj by Wasif Ali Wasif

Favourite Quotation: Keep a green tree in your heart… the singing birds will surely come…

Favourite Colour: Light , Green ,Sky Blue

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