Nayyab Samar born in Lahore Dated 1st April. I am a RJ, Professor and student of M Phil. Am Friendly, outgoing, deadly with snobbish people. I am independent. I will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. I need to experience the world on my own. Change and freedom are extremely important to me, will never let anyone dictate me. I am curious, talkative, and versatile and mentally active. I am the eternally youthful child, no matter my chronological age. Fashion: Trendy & Stylish. Love fashion and experimenting with new looks.

Passions: Radio, Teaching, studying, Foreign Language, Music, Traveling, Reading, Movies

Fav Food: Desi food

I Love: Myself first, Good companionship and meeting new people. I love to have a positive effect on people.

I Hate: This is the big problem of me I guess!! I never can actually hate anything or anyone. Yes sometimes become a little sad by observing something very unfair but never can’t hate for this. I would rather love to keep distance from unpleasant things, Life is too short to hating stuffs right?

Favorite Quotations: We are the same as trees, as other people, as rain that falls. We consist of that, which is around us, Add life to days not days to life. –


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